Striving for the highest levels of independence!

Lane ESD Westmoreland Campus
1717 City View St. • Eugene, OR 97402

School Happenings

Guess Who!

Makin’ Pizzas!

Getting Our Hands Dirty

Our students harvest fresh vegetables at the garden site.

Fall Harvest Party 2017

This year’s Fall Harvest Party was a great success!

Hard at work at the Whiteaker

We volunteer for the Healthy Families Program at the Whiteaker Head Start.

LTD Bus Rides

Some of our students ride the LTD bus in order to get them to their activities while they practice independent travel.      

Just for Fun

Students enjoy a Friday outing to Valley River Center and Dickie Jo’s Burgers.

Butte Trip

The students took in a clear day on with a hike to the top of Skinner’s Butte.

Go Ducks

Our students often take day trips to explore and celebrate their community.

Weekly Cooking

Transition students create delicious meals to share each week.

Student Trips

Transition students took a trip to the UO campus and toured the building and the field at Autzen stadium.

Fall Harvest

Students had a blast celebrating Fall Harvest. They visited the pumpkin patch, painted pumpkins.

They topped it off by getting together to pose for a picture at our annual Halloween dance!